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It is our absolute mission to help as many ‘ohana and small business owners achieve financial wholeness in a sense of being or becoming debt-free, building wealth, gaining knowledge, planning retirement and staying protected. 


About Us

Close knit teamwork for amazing success!

For those who don’t know, I am Kapua Akiona, the author, graphic designer, marketer, office assistant, etc. 

The handsome guy in this photo is my husband, Duke. He is the face you’ll see often, the “talker”, the motivator, and full-time tower technician. Together we’re “The A Team”. 

Our business, The A Team Made Ya Do It, is steered more toward those who want to fix their financial situation, get educated, save, invest, and/or build a retirement plan, while not compromising on living life & creating memories.... 


Our Services

Do you have a goal you’re trying to achieve but don’t know where to begin? Let us guide you. Take a look at the list of our services below, and contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

Mountain Path


We are absolutely DRIVEN to help as many ‘ohana as we can, not just hit financial freedom... but FINANCIAL WHOLENESS! Because once you’re debt free... what next!? We can help you map out your future to keep you and your entire ‘ohana truly achieve peace of mind!!!

Bridge over Waterfall


Do you need help getting your business finances in order? Or you simply don’t know where to start? We got you 💯💯💯
Budget, savings & wealth building, investments, how to protect your income, account selections and so much more!

Fern Leaves

How Our System Helps


We initially started as 99 Financial Students back in 2015. We stuck to it for literally a month before letting our young minded selves fall off the budget wagon. 

Since then, we’ve hit HUGE financial setbacks and made some of the worst decisions on multiple occasion... and it all boiled down to three factors: 1) Our Mindset 2) Not Having a Plan for our Money 3) Trying to keep up with the Jones’s 
Fast forward to after we got ourselves into over $78k in debt, collections and charge offs... 
In February, we decided to give the program another try... after getting a new instructor, changing our mindset, GRINDING HARD & Saving every penny we could... we were able to graduate to the 101 program (Within one month of being active 99students). And our very, very picky instructor asked if We’d be interested in helping others the same way... our drive, willingness to learn & progress was recognized in that moment and we accepted willingly for no other reason than how much it changed OUR life and OUR financial situation!
We are now officially DEBT-FREE, have a plan for our money, an established emergency fund, not living paycheck to paycheck & able to really start making moves on our future... all LITERALLY within 3 months!!

Palm Leaf

“This tool alone is sooo worth it. I’ve tried multiple spreadsheets and tried to track my own budget and spending but honestly as an adult, there’s WAY TOO MUCH too keep track of. I love how you guys brought everything together on ONE screen so I can see it clearly!   And looooving how you’re not just there to teach me how to use this online tool. You’ve been checking in on me and sending me so many amazing resources each week! I’m feeling so good about my money nowadays!!!”

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